27 Jul 2015

Science Fair projects

Pupils will work in groups of 2 or 3 and can choose from any of the ideas below (which are from Science Buddies which has a huge range of fantastic investigation ideas):
  1. Is It Getting Hot in Here? - temperature/greenhouse gases
  2. Shaking for Butter - which temperature works best? 
  3. Bigger is Better - can I make my pikelets thicker?  Kim and BJ
  4. Growing, Growing, Gone! - the use of nitrogen fertilizers on plants 
  5. Radiant Radish Seeds - how much heat can a seed take?
  6. Do Plants Need Soil? - a simply hydroponics investigation
  7. Home Sweet Biome - which environment is best for plants? 
  8. All Packed Up - how does packaging affect the storage of fruit?
  9. Feed Me - how do different fertilizers affect plant growth?
  10. How can I keep my hot drink warm?
  11. What temperature should I store my popcorn at for the best popping result?
  12. Does weight or body position affect the speed of my scooter?
  13. How does yeast affect the thickness of my pizza bases?
  14. How can I stop the old nails and screws from rusting on my fence?
  15. How can I make my garden warmer for my seedlings?
  16. Does the temperature of the cream affect how quickly I can make my butter?
  17. Which soil is best for my seeds?
  18. What type of water should I use on my seedlings?
  19. Which manure is best for growing vegetables?

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