27 Jun 2015

Zentangle Broken Dishes

This week the team created their own version of a Zentangle display, which we have called Broken Dishes.
Our inspiration was a photo of a Cinco Mayo quilt from the WonkyWorld blog.  Each pupil had a paper plate with three rings pencilled onto it, and created a Zentangle design.  The plates were then cut into quarters and rearranged on the wall.

20 Jun 2015

This week's THINK ABOUT IT...

Image source


Our art focus this term is design and pattern 
and we created these little landscapes using the zentangle style...

Our inspiration was this picture courtesy of blog 'Amoeba Handmade':
Image source


I have decided that my Year Sixes are not taking enough responsibility to use capitals correctly so have put together this incentive...

Pupils will get to take a mini mint whenever they have correctly used:
M for the months of the year (and days!)
I for the pronoun 'I'
N for names (people, places, countries, brands, important groups)
T for titles such as Mr, Mrs, Dr, Sir, madam
S for the start of sentences. 

Thanks to Raewyn Green from the Southland Campus of the University of Otago for the acronym hint!