28 Jul 2015

2015 INQUIRY - Science: Physical and Chemical Change

"A-ha Moments!"  How does it work? Why does it happen?

TERM THREE: SCIENCE INQUIRY - physical phenomena and chemical changes
Reason for this inquiry: Children are curious about physical and chemical changes and enjoy the experimental side of these discussions and activities – they need to learn about scientific process too.

Understandings: (Big ideas/Key Concepts)

  • Physical phenomena and chemical changes can be observed and measured. 
  • Physical phenomena and chemical changes behave in certain ways. 
  • Physical phenomena and chemical changes can occur naturally or be controlled through human input. 
  • Materials can be changed in lots of ways. 
  • There are physical and chemical changes. 
  • Some types of changes can be reversed, others can’t.

Core Knowledge: (Baseline knowledge)

  • Physical phenomena are light, heat, sound, forces (push and pull), electricity, and magnetism.
  • There are three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and matter can change from one to the other.
  • We use controlled scientific experiments to observe and test physical phenomena and chemical changes.
  • Changes in materials include physical (e.g.stretching, bending, twisting, squashing etc), and chemical (e.g. dissolving, melting, heating, etc).
  • We use physical phenomena and chemical changes to help us in practical and recreational situations. 
Inquiry Skills: REFLECTING
Strategies: Using the question matrix.
Blended Learning: Reading and writing – research, recording experiments and following scientific method; Blog posts/Explain Everything; Videos of experiments and results
Key Competencies: Me as a Collaborator V
Value: Participation
Te Reo/Tikanga Maori integration: Questioning, understanding and appreciating our world and resources; use of cooperative activities and shared tasks
Special Needs: Targeted learners: support with discussions and written tasks – use tech expert classmates to support with creation/presentation of info
Further notes: I will begin inquiry with investigating physical/chemical changes, and moving into the use of scientific method for science fair projects. Trainee teacher to take children further, with physical phenomena (forces) theme, for posting Weeks 5-9

ASSESSMENT: by end of Week 10

Chem For Kids
Chemical change vs physical change

Learner.org: Physical Science course for teachers
Session One - what is matter?
Session Two - solids, liquids, gases
Session Three - physical changes
Session Four - chemical changes
Session Five - density and pressure
Session Six - rising and sinking
Session Seven - heat and temperature
Session Eight - extending the particle model of matter

BBC Bitesize

Scientific Tuesdays - colour changing chemicals video - use the idea for a inquiry starter??

Scientific Tuesdays - Color Changing Chemicals by JacindaBoyce

Mr Lehan Teaches You Stuff - a ninth grade video/powerpoint about change

Grade 9 Chemistry, Lesson 3 - Physical and... by snarlingunite

Science with Higgins - Soap in a Microwave

Scholastic Studyjams - states of matter video 


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