30 Mar 2015

A new link or two for Just Cool!

Am adding a couple of new links to my Just Cool! page -

-this is a gorgeous little animated film about persistence:

- and some awesome photos of children from around the world doing what children do best...playing!

Would be great for writing prompts, social studies, discussions, photography/art....

They are all fantastic...this is one of my favourites!

Image link

18 Mar 2015

2015 Beach-goers! Rocky Shore inquiry

Term One 2015: 

Curio Bay, petrified forest
How do my actions affect the environment of the rocky shore?

Science inquiry - Level 3 Living World

Purpose: for pupils to learn about the living creature of our rocky shore and to explore the good and bad impact that humans have upon the habitats of these creatures.

QUOTE: "In all living things there is something of the marvellous." - Aristotle

CORE KNOWLEDGE: (teacher background info):

  • MRS GREN = movement, respiration, sensitivity, growth, reproduction, excretion, nutrition
  • a rocky shore is an ecosystem full of different habitats for both plants and animals
  • human impact includes pollution and conservation, over-fishing and introduction of predators etc
  • at the rocky shore we should find mammals, fish, birds, crustaceans, molluscs, bi/uni-valves, plants

Sand dunes (and early Maori umu/ovens) - Curio Bay
  • MRS GREN is a scientific concept that defines what a living thing is.
  • Living things can be classified into groups.
  • Living things have different habitats.
  • Humans impact on habitats.
  • Living things have special features to adapt to their habitat.

Online Resources

NZ MARINE STUDIES CENTRE - lots of fantastic resources:
DoC info sign, Curio Bay

Who Eats Who? - use pages 16-19 for a food chain activity
Marine Life database website - find info on a range of creatures
The Southern NZ guide to rocky shore life
Life on the Rocky Shore overview sheet

Canterbury's Spectacular Coast - blackline masters and a food chain snap game

Incredible Science NZ - Life on the Rocky Shore is Hard

National Library of NZ Rocky Shore links

Te Ara Coastal Shoreline site

Image source
Defining Living Things: 
BBC for kids
slideshare powerpoint

Moulting yellow-eyed penguin (Hoiho) at Curio Bay

Curio Bay

Curio Bay

Curio Bay

1 Mar 2015

2015 - first episode of TAKE TWO NEWS

All about the Year Six Welcome evening, featuring Black Cap cricketer, Hamish Rutherford...this event is held to celebrate our Year Sixes as leaders of the school...

2015 TAKE TWO NEWS - The Year Six Welcome Evening from Edendale Primary School on Vimeo.