Southland Social Sciences Fair                         octopus video - very very cool!

Jan-Marie Kellow - NZ Inquiry expert's website with ideas/info/resources

Apps for inquiry - suggestions by Jan-Marie Kellow            Child-friendly videos on tonnes of topics!

Mini-beasts - a science-based inquiry 2013        Frontiers for Young Minds (Science)

Science videos - search "Stuff to blow your kids' minds       Kath Murdoch (Aus) website     blog  

Kai Hau Kai - sharing stories of Mahinga Kai o Ngai Tahu 

American Museum of Natural History kids' website

Geohazards - volcanoes, earthquakes etc 2014 (teacher page) (pupil page)

All Things Science - videos on a range of topics

Six secrets to successful research with pupils

Virtual Tours or Field Trips: 
Brilliant NZ field trips website      NZ Parliament Buildings   

Arctic Adventure        Global Trek        Hershey's Chocolate Factory        The Louvre Art Gallery

Mt Everest      Smithsonian Museum of Natural History - desktop  or  mobile device

Mars/Moon/Space       The Moon     

Inquiry Unit (Plans/Resources)
2015: Science: The Rocky Shore

A TED talk from a young boy who saw a problem and came up with a solution to help his community...

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