The Writing Hub - NZ curriculum advice and links        The Writing Book resources

The Kids Should See This video site

Notable sentences (for invitation and imitation as per Write Guy)            Pobble365 - motivators

Photo prompts (writing/discussion)        Writing Fun - text models      Text models

NZ School Journal Surf - search the catalogue       Sentence Structure lesson ideas

NZ School Journal Story Library - has a link to the teacher materials for 2010 onwards

Ready to Read series (NZ) - teacher notes    audio files                    ESOL Writing strategies

ESOL Teacher Skills Taskbook         Writing lesson ideas UNC        Classroom Secrets (UK)

NZ Spelling Resource ideas (Word Detective - J. Allcock)

Encourage imagination and story-telling - the Game of Awesome!

Storybird site                          Effective Writing Instruction Yrs0-3 (Ontario)

Create a newspaper article                  Writing Alive prog (USA)

Handwriting - create Pen Licences       How to fix ten common grammar mistakes

Maria Gill (NZ author) - unit for non-fiction book study

I'm Loving Lit blog - a Teachers Pay Teachers author of read/write resources

Hello Literacy - a literacy teacher's blog (USA)                Page border templates

Scholastic Teacher Toolkit              Peer Revising of Writing

Book Bingo reading challenge

Shared novel: set a purpose for the pupils as they listen eg character description/setting/identifying the problem/use of metaphors - post-it notes/

TED-ed Blog - why do nouns exist?

Descriptive writing:

FYI - as shared by TED-Ed:

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