18 Nov 2015

We need a peaceful world...

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TED TALK by a ten year old - empowering children NOW

This young girl is amazing - very confident and very astute! What she has to say is very appropriate to those of us (educators) who are aiming to increase pupil agency within their learning programmes...

11 Nov 2015

Henri Matisse - art appreciation

Henri Matisse 1948 (image source)
For art appreciation discussions this term we are looking at the cutout/collage works of Henri Matisse (1869-1954):

Biography information:
Tate Modern Gallery (For Kids) 
Museum of Modern Art

Classroom lesson ideas: Crafty Classroom   

First, let's find out how this modern artist worked when producing his cutouts:

Videos from the Museum of Modern Art

http://www.biography.com/news/henri-matisse-the-cut-outs-moma (pictures in my IWB picture drive folder)

Next, we will discuss some of Matisse's cutout works - What do they make us think of or feel? What do we like about each one? What do we not like? What questions do we have about each one?

Photos below are from this MoMA website source
Composition Green Background 1947
Large Decoration with Masks 1953
Le Clown 1947
Nuit de Noel (Christmas Night) 1952
Pale Blue Window `1948-49
The Codomas 1943
The Fall of Icarus 1943
The Sheaf 1953
Two Dancers 1937-38
The Horse and Rider 1943-44
Swimming Pool 1952
For our activity, we will each choose one of Matisse's works shown above and use this as our inspiration for a cutout artwork of our own design... (watch this space for a link to the results!)