Summary of the Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) guide (MoE)

Enabling e-learning (MoE TKI)                   Thinking About Thinking - critical thinking

EDUDEMIC - Connecting Education and Technology             Blended Learning

Practices at Work - Blended and Personalised Learning site      PBL ideas and articles

Grant Lichtman - Learning and Leading with Technology magazine 2013 - Taking Aim at Innovation

Skype - Oh the Places You'll Go article - Learning and Leading with Tech magazine 2013

Helen Crompton - Mobile Learning - Learning and Leading with Tech magazine 2013

Shelley Wright - How to create a student-centred classroom one step at a time

The 4C's for the 21stC Learner                Six Tips for Student Blogging

MENTORING MINDS website      Top 12 Educational Blogs/Posts to think about

EduWells - Is your school full of students or learners?             

ED Talks (NZ) interviews and discussions from inspirational leaders and educators

Blog: Grassroots Education (Heemi McDonald, NZ)

Using touchscreens for classroom display          Lessons learned about setting up an MLE

Get to know your learners - the first six weeks at school

Keyboarding, Handwriting, or Both?

John Bergman - Flipped Learning Series (seven articles)

School story - School 21 (London) -focusing on the whole child (wellbeing, oracy, PBL)

PBL: what to do when the students are working

PBL: scaffolding the PBL shift

2016 CORE course MLP116: Modern Learning Practices

Module 1: Rethinking Learners

futurelab - The Learner's Charter for a personalised learning environment

Four Essential Elements for Passion-Based Learning

Washor & Mojkowski 2013:
Image via CORE

Module 2: Rethinking Teaching

A Radical Way of Unleashing a Generation of Geniuses

Seven Principles of Effective Teaching

Seven Principles for Good Practice

Module 3: Rethinking Learning

Module 4: Rethinking Support

Slideshow re learning environments

MLE - lessons from the marae

Dr. Julia Atkin: Expressing the essence of the NZ Curriculum from EDtalks on Vimeo.

Video - The Four E's of Teachers        Guy Claxton - Building our capacity to learn


Supporting children to improve or progress through peer to peer critique and feedback...

Teach Like a Pirate (not great sound quality sorry) - inspiring educator Dave Burgess:

TED Ex Talk; the five principles of highly effective teachers

Reimaging Classrooms:

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