NZ Maths teacher support materials and information:                           using e-ako maths resources

NZmaths rich learning tasks         Maths Inquiry Communities - video nzmaths (see more below)

the Individual Knowledge Assessment of Number IKANs tests       

nzmaths Take This       Maths Shed

Secondary Numeracy Resources             Numeracy Pupil Profiles              Counting Collections (NZ) (Stanford University)        Math Pickle puzzles              Three Act Math

IXL Maths Activities for Year 5-6            Mad Maths Minute (NZ wiki for Numeracy Stages1-5)

NRICH maths site              Math-Aids create worksheets           

Julie Roberts: Maths pinterest board                    Julie Roberts: Maths Games pinterest board

Math = Love blog               Happy - no.knowledge for K-2/3 (Jenny Eather)     Black Douglas maths centre

Quick Maths Games for the Classroom - good warm-ups!         Fractions info (Ontario)

Maths Inspiration (Teaching Ideas website)         Fractions for SMARTboards

Some interactive web-based tools         Maths Worksheets for Kids    

Wilkinson maths number resources (NZ)         Snappy Maths - bonds to 100

Laura Candler's Maths File Cabinet         Wairakei Chch senior espace maths

Printable maths brain teaser puzzles - four levels

Home-made maths equation demo tool                      Numicon resources site


using base ten blocks for place value          buildng better answers in maths           
                                            maths art with shapes

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