14 Jul 2014

abc - Alphabet Book Challenge

alphabet book challenge!

For Term Three I will engage my Year Six pupils in a reading challenge - this year it has an alphabet theme (aiming to fill in each letter of the alphabet with either a title or author or subject of a book they have read).

I have made this booklet on Google Drive and will print it out for the pupils' home learning books so they can keep a record of their reading.
Craft Sites for Kids Clip Art
I don't expect all of the pupils to read 26 different books or magazines but there will be a few that can manage it! Prizes will be given when a pupil completes three, eight, or fifteen items read, as well as a SUPER prize for those who can get to 26 (in just the ten weeks of term!)


  1. What a great idea. I teach English to kids in Argentina. Sadly, none of them enjoy reading. It's a real chore getting them to use their imagination as they just don't seem to have one... and I think that comes from reading. But you have inspired me to do an alphabet scrapbook with the younger children.

    1. You are right, reading is the key and reading a LOT is essential for building vocabulary and seeing how writers use language. In my writing programme I use a lot of small writing tasks (ie rather than write a whole story from start to finish, we will focus on recounting one important event or on describing one element). I use Sheena Cameron and Gail Loane teaching resources for my guidance.

    2. Trust me. I try. I try so hard to get them to read and to write. I only have them for a few hours a week. I say a paragraph, they do 2 sentences. I give a fabulous introduction etc., set the scene, but nope. Even the clever kids complain. :( They just don't do it at school, so they have never learnt, and neither is there a love for it.

    3. That is tricky then! We are lucky to have the education system that we have here in NZ! Or rather, our children are.