23 Sep 2013

Weaving a tree on a paper plate.

(I made the clip using the Shadow Puppet app on my ipad, am just experimenting!) Written directions follow below:

Colour in or paint the paper plate first with a suitable landscape scene or in a colour to complement your tree.

Depending on your options for colour choices/wool, these trees can be "magic" trees (ie colourful), or you can use appropriate colours to create a spring tree or autumn tree etc...

Use a paper plate. Cut a wedge at the bottom and 15 ( or another uneven number) along the top of the plate.

Create your warp threads by placing the end of the wool in a small slot cut into the bottom wedge. Wrap the wool around the plate, placing each warp thread in each of the slots at the top. 

Finish the wrapping by tying the wool to the tail at the back. 

Starting at the top, weave your chosen threads into the warp threads, until you get about halfway down. 

To make the branches and trunk wrap a length of wool around two or three warp threads, eventually wrapping around the whole set of threads. 

Textured wool helps create more of a three-dimensional look to the tree. 

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