31 Aug 2017

The Tale of Sun and Moon

Adlaw, god of the sun; by James Claridades

We are privileged to have many Filipino children in our team and we will celebrate their culture through our art/drama/literacy unit.

We will be learning the Visayan myth of Sun and Moon from the Phillippines and using this as motivation for our sharpie and felts drawing of the sun and moon (for our calendar art fundraiser - I like to 'kill two birds with one stone'). This will be a good opportunity to talk about warm/cool colours too.

I found this cool animation of the story:

The inspiration for our artwork to kick it all off came from this awesome idea from The Lost Sock blog:

Next we will be constructing puppets to help us with some process drama as we tell the story in our own ways - this will of course involve reading, writing, drama and art all in one bundle!

We will read some other Filipino folk tales and break into groups to create our own drama versions, making puppets to help tell those stories.

Visayan Folk Tales        Tagalog Folk Tales           

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