6 Jul 2016

Kahoot! quiz site

Our modern learners love to collaborate and make use of digital tools.

Kahoot! is a website that provides interactive, online quizzes for all age-groups, on almost any topic you can think of.

Quizzes can be played on any internet capable device (tablet, laptop, smartphone) - you just need to commit one screen to display the questions with the students (as individuals or teams) using their own devices to select answers.

WARNING! Classroom noise levels will increase tenfold while a quiz is being played. Students can also create their own Kahoot! quizzes to share info and test their classmates - it is easy to do and a great exercise in literacy and technological skills (selecting relevant information, forming questions and multi-choice answers, creating/finding suitable images, working with others etc).

Contact me if you’d like to view the quizzes my students have created (my class has a private Under 16 yrs account which means other users have to receive an invite to be able to play the quizzes, and also means that my students can only access quizzes that have been approved by Kahoot for under 16s ).

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