16 Oct 2014

Keith Haring - modern artist

Our Term Four art theme is based on a famous artist....

The Keith Haring website lesson plans page for teachers: http://www.haringkids.com/lesson_plans/

Biography details: http://www.biography.com/people/keith-haring-246006#synopsis - there is cool animated bio video on the website

How did he become famous?

A glimpse of some of Keith Haring's work - drawings, paintings, sculpture, animations:

Video of artwork made by my Year Six pupils in 2012, inspired by Keith's work. We took photos of ourselves in different action poses, cut out the shape and used them as templates to draw with black vivid on blank paper. We then coloured the shapes or the negative space around them by using concentrated dye and small brushes. To finish we then glued our original photo onto the art work so it looked as if we were part of the picture:

Keith Haring in action - city wall community art project:

Why was he involved in this project?

An idea for creating your own picture in the style of Keith Haring:

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