4 Apr 2014

Reward system

This is a system I have been using for about 8 years - I remember my teacher using it when I was in Year 4 (known as Standard 2 in those days!)

Work is marked for content/effort as well as the tidiness of the presentation..pupils can earn extra 'scholar dollars'  for their handwriting...
The stickers are in a box and pupils put them onto their page according to the mark -
most only put the big stickers on; many choose to just have the B (which saves my sticker budget!)

When a pupil has ten big stickers they can present their book to me for counting;
I write the numbers as I count and sign the tenth sticker
 so we know where we finished our count.

Pupils can then choose from the prize box: stickers, sweet treats, pencils and pens, various toys
- the most popular items are the vouchers (free time or help in a junior room)

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