12 Oct 2013

Book Bingo reading challenge

I want to keep the reading 'pressure' up for the last term of the year with these capable Yr 5 & 6 pupils so am having a reading challenge - it is only a 9 week term so it can't be too big; I have made this Bingo chart to go into their Home Partnership books, and will also put up a 150 book challenge chart in the classroom to see if we can read that many books before the year finishes!

I can already see where I could have fine-tuned a couple of the requirements to be more specific but the key thing is that the children will be reading - I have a handful of reluctant readers so want to motivate them to read a wider range of material.

Through the year I have been collecting cheap chapter books/books at a suitable level through Scholastic Book Club and these will be the big prize for the children who complete the Bingo - they will get to choose first from the selection, then the other children will all get to choose a book too in order of who has completed the most sections of the Bingo.

Thanks to Sparklebox for the template!

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